Boat Upholstery

Hosszanti csíkos párna

The Board

Boat upholstery at a master level.

With our The Board upholstery technique, we are specialized specifically for boats, so we can create even the most complex shapes and curves professionally, practically and perfectly functionally.

Indoor fabrics

Everyone can find the right one from our huge selection of indoor fabrics. Their abrasion resistance is outstanding.

Outdoor fabrics

Our outdoor fabrics are one-to-one
They are UV resistant and water repellent. Thus, they withstand all boating conditions.

Our main work profile


Comfortable durable indoor upholstery


UV-Resistant and water-repellent outdoor upholstery

Decorative Pillows

Individual size, color, pattern

I say from experience that they are the best! ⛵️ Accurate, precise, fast and reliable! And they're fun too 😊!

– Andrea Kozma-Jung

Why choose us

More than 40 years of experience with boats. Upholstery at master level.

Our premium quality materials give your boat a completely new look. We undertake everything from the survey to the installation of the mattress.

Order process



During the measurement, we calculate the required mattress and material sizes.



We will send you an approximate price quote.


Fabric choice

Choose the right fabric for you. Then we can give you an exact price.


We prepare the mattresses

The finished mattresses can be picked up in the workshop or we can load them into the ship by agreement.



All our fabrics have excellent wear resistance, so the material does not fade or weaken after several years of use.

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