Quick Clean

Fabrics with the Quick Clean protection system have each fibre surrounded with a special layer, which works as an invisible shield against stains. Although the stain seemingly penetrates into the fabric, it in fact remains on the surface of the fibres and can therefore be easily cleaned. Only with a clean sponge and water!

When undesired liquid is spilled, immediately soak it up by lightly touching it with a paper towel. Turn around a clean, good absorbent paper towel several times or replace it so that the stain is not transferred back to the fabric.

In case of denser substances, for example tomato pulp, first carefully remove the greater part of the substance from the surface with a tablespoon. Then use a clean damp sponge and clean the remains of the stain with slight circular movements.

Soak up to dry the cleaned area with a well absorbent paper towel. Only use clean paper towels every single time! Repeat the process if necessary.

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