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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our workshop is located in Törökbálint Hungary, 10 minutes away from Budapest, but we go out to the boats. We can also show you the material samples at the boat, so even if our workshop is not on the way, feel free to choose us.

How much would it cost to reupholster my boat?

Our prices largely depend on the quality and type of the chosen material. Or the thickness and density of the mattress. Therefore, we cannot give an exact price offer before consultation.

I would only change the cover, the mattress is perfect. Possible?

Of course. In this case, we bring the good mattress and make a new cover.

How long does it take for the new upholstery to be ready?

We always decide on the deadline when accepting the price offer. You can count on a shorter deadline in autumn and winter, and a longer deadline in spring and summer.

Can I bring the material?

We only work with our own material, so we can ensure quality work. Everyone will find the right one from our large selection of fabrics.