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Anyone who has a boat has to deal with deck repairs sooner or later… There are two ways. You can fix it yourself or have someone else fix it. In both cases, it is worth understanding…


The Ship Store was created with the intention of solving the biggest dilemma of sailors: „Find a solution for everything in one place!”

We took more than 10 years of experience as sailors, instructors and competitors and combined this to open our theme-oriented boat and sailing shop in Budaörs. Visit the store or order the package and pick it up in person.


One Sails Hungary

One SAils hungary

Sail and tarpaulin sewing.


Bezeréti Miklós – +3630/348-8119



The goal of Lazy Jack Kft. is to help to train the next generation of sailors. In order to achieve this goal, we organize beginner’s sailing courses on Lake Balaton, we hold courses for obtaining a motorboat license on the Danube and Lake Balaton, and we also help those interested in Croatia to obtain a pilot’s license. In addition, we are also available to those who wish to sail in boating-related administration (purchase, sell, inspection, winterization, renovation).

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