Measurement of Boats

Measurement of boats

For certain interior and exterior work, a measurement of the vessel is essential.

In the case of the One Design classes, the boat’s interiors are often designed differently, so if you want a new mattress, maybe you want curtains for the boat’s windows, or outdoor seat cushions and backrests, we will personally assess your boat. The time required to measure the vessel varies depending on the work and is free of charge, but essential for accurate and high-quality work.

Choosing the materials

You can personally choose your cover and furniture fabric.

You can see and touch the materials we work with. In this way, you can experience the material and texture of the fabrics up close, and in many cases this helps you to choose. We also bring samples of the materials with us in case of a personal boat measurement, so you can find the right shade of color for your boat on the spot.

Choosing the materials

Cutting the mattress

Cutting the mattress

If your mattress is moldy, old, or needs to be replaced, we will make a new one for your boat.

You get a mattress with the thickness and hardness you want. Similar to the cover, you can also choose this with us. You can choose from memory foam and coconut mattresses as well as any other type of mattress, they are always cut and made into boats and special shapes based on individual discussion. In most cases, you can buy your boat with a thinner mattress as standard equipment, which in many cases does not provide an adequate sense of comfort.

Upholstery work

Professional upholstery work with quality materials. We prepare the upholstery of your mattresses, pillows, boat and home furnishing items with reliable professional work.

The upholstery of the boat mattresses is made with a decorative seam or plain, in individual cases with pipe. We make removable covers for your mattresses with a hidden zipper, for easier handling. The covers are therefore washable and can be dried separately. Ease of handling is also our basic principle when designing boat interiors and upholstering boat  cabin walls. That’s why we make things that can be put on with Velcro or with a zipper, for example easily attached interior upholstery.

Upholstery work

Larger Projects

Are you looking for an upholsterer for larger projects? You just found it!

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